Human art is dead.

Welcome. You might have noticed that the robots have taken over.

Code, glitch, and software-based art is complex, multi-dimensional, precise, and endlessly compelling.

Generative AI has mined the collective human intelligence, and is able to hallucinate incredible, dream-like, convincing visual artifacts.

Art markets have digitized using NFTs, and the Web3 platforms that support their exchange are exploring the frontier of creator economics.

The era of the painting and the photograph is over. The era of machine dreams is here.

We are all Art Cyborgs

These software tools are here to augment and improve the capacity of the individual, using the power of the collective. The foundations of this future world are open sourced, decentralized, and built from the ground up to the sky.

Only by understanding the evolution of technology and how it intersects with our creativity and markets, can we build the type of aesthetic experience that breaks through the noise.

This newsletter collects our journey on the path. It is for artists, collectors, curators, and financiers in the space. It is the weird combination of traits that’s required to succeed in the Web3 and AI-first metaverse. Welcome to your singularity, art cyborg.

This is just the beginning

We have been on the journey to understand the intersection of new media and financial markets for decades. The newsletter is authored by Lex Sokolin, whose relevant background you can see here:

This is our latest climb on this adventure.

Join us!

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